Santos’s Desired Objectives Following The Death of Gideon

  1. To lobby for the necessary legalisation to make child sacrifice a criminal offence
  2. To create awareness within the local communities in Uganda on this most heinous crime.

            To achieve his desired objectives, it is necessary for Santos to seek funding as he is a retired school teacher with a minimum of resources available.
All funds collected will be thoroughly accounted for and it is assured that the majority of these funds will go towards the intended purposes indicated above and not be misused of squandered on unnecessary administration expense. A detailed action plan outlining how Santos is going to carry out his objectives is indicated in here.

Other than funding, the Gideon Foundation needs as many people from all over the world to sign up on the guestbook or Follow us on facebook so that we can all reaffirm our stand to put an end to child sacrifice and should it be necessary the Gideon foundation will use your affirmation in the form of a petition to create further awareness and lobby for the legislation so should you not be in a position to support financially, you may simply sign up to show your support.

In terms of contributing to the Gideon foundation there are several ways to do so listed below.

Send to 0776 007197
To send money using mobile money please visit your nearest mobile money agent or click here to see how to.
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